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Meet Alexander, KMD Graduate

About KMD Graduate Program

KMD Graduate program is a customized, structured and safe community for personal development and learning. Ensuring personal growth is key in our vision at KMD, so you can expect challenging, yet rewarding opportunities on a daily basis. We offer a variety of Graduate Tracks every year for all kinds of professionals.


You will be a part of a real job experience through a business-critical positioner. Throughout the program, you will attend courses and certified exams. Regardless of any Graduate position, you will be part of, you will experience a professional and passionate team of talented people.

  • Customer Service Management
  • SAP Consultants
  • IT, Business and Security
  • Solution Sales
  • Business Consultants
  • Project/Delivery Management
  • Client Management
  • Business Intelligence

You will get:

  • A structured development program tailored by your manager to ensure your satisfaction and personal growth
  • A strong network of dedicated individuals
  • You will acquire a vast technical skillset and develop a profound knowledge within your area.
  • Be offered a permanent position within your field one you are finished

At KMD you will be the front-runner when it comes to creating real value for people and society. Through real-life IT- and business problems you will have to be hands-on to create solutions and solve issues with a variety of people, both externally and internally who like yourself a fascinated by technology. You will be a part of satisfying our customers. We need you!