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Why choose KMD Graduate?

KMD Graduate program is a customized, structured and safe community for personal development and learning.

Ensuring personal growth is key in our vision at KMD, so you can expect challenging, yet rewarding opportunities on a daily basis. Our extraordinary team of commited leaders and experienced mentors will be ready at hand for you every single day.

You will be an essential part of a passionate and complex workplace in rapid transformation. We unite more than 3000 employees across Nordic countries, and this unity successfully ensures mutual growth for you and colleagues.

Being part of the KMD Graduate program is a real job experience. You will hold a business critical position throughout the program while attending courses and certified exams.

Depending on the year, various positions are open in our graduate program. In these positions, areas of responsibility, among many others, could be:

  • Project management
  • SAP consultancy
  • Technology consultancy
  • Product development
  • Sales
  • IT, Business & Security

Join the KMD Graduate program

Are tou fascinated by technology, and do zou see yourself shaping the future of the IT industry, all while working in Denmark's largest, funniest and most serious playground for IT talents? The KMD Graduate program is a tailored career track designed specifically for you to reach your full potential. But that is not all - you will join a powerful and colorful community, a community which drives KMD forward and enables us to provide the highest quality and best solutions for our customers.

Our next recruitment round starts January 2020.

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