Project Developent and Managment Assistance Internship at NordicLA and Volcano hos NordicLA

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Internship at NordicLA and Volcano

- in Project Development and Management Assistance

We want you! You who are analytically strong, have good writing skills and the ability to translate this into clear, easy-to-understand texts. You who can work creatively and solution-oriented, with projects, business development and resource management. You who want to learn a lot from us, but who also can contribute with fresh knowledge and skills.

As an intern in project development and assistance of the day-to-day management of NordicLA and Volcano, you will have a central role in the development of innovative and community-contributing projects. At the same time, you will support the management in exciting tasks,  ensuring swift, optimal daily operations.

NordicLA is a bridge-builder between the Nordics and Los Angeles in California for creatives and artists, large companies, start-ups and the public sector. Currently, Music and entertainment is our primary area of focus,  where we in collaboration with relevant organizations connect artists in the Nordics with artists in LA. Our customers and partners include larger companies, ministries, foundations and a number of minor actors. We believe in the commercial culture and art, and believe that culture is strengthened when thought into a business context.

Volcano works across the creative industry through a number of companies, of which NordicLA is one. Volcano's roots originate in a long-standing track-record as a driving force within music management, festival management and venue management in Denmark. Today, Volcano is guiding the future of culture, and its place in society, with its primary focus on urban development with the commercial culture as engine, and talent development in the music industry through the ‘Royalties’ course.


  • You are not afraid of rye bread work and follow tasks right to the door.

  • Good English skills - especially in writing.

  • Is social and can act in a work environment where few days are the same.


  • An exciting internship where you get the opportunity to work with specific marketing and communication tasks.

  • To work internationally with some of the most competent within the cultural industry.

  • A start-up-influenced organization where trying out new and good ideas is welcomed.

  • An internship where you get close to both decision-making and execution.

  • Good and ambitious colleagues in a dynamic team.

  • To be part of a company that works at the crossroad between culture and business development.


Questions should be sent to: Christian

Start: February 2021 and as long as we can hold on to you.

The internship is unpaid and we take most of your time!

Deadline for applications is November 3, but let us hear from you as soon as possible.

If you are interested, then send an application and a CV with a picture to Christian - we talk to candidates on an ongoing basis.

Check out and www.volcano. now