Internship in creative business development and marketing hos Ragnarock

In particular:

1. Creation of Supernova, Ragnarock's podcast.

2. Promotion and monetization of creative content in the music field.

3. Support in general in the structuring, promotion and monetization of creative content, a new area in which the organization is entering.

The creation of the Podcast is the first step to consolidate and structure the ecosystem of contacts and listeners created over the years and this is where the intern will mainly focus to start with. Supernova consists of a biweekly podcast lasting about an hour during which various topics will be discussed, with the aim of clarifying and deepening topics that the common person often hears about but in reality are not explored.

The contents will be developed by the founder of the festival and an expert and the podcast will be held by them. The intern's task will consist of following the production of the podcast (in coordination with the founder of the association). More in particular:

  • Editing of the podcast once recorded.
  • Placement of presentations, biographies, information of the various episodes on the chosen platform.
  • Promotion of the Podcast on social networks also using the Ragnarock contacts and searching for new contacts with the aim of creating and consolidate a follower base.
  • Marketing and possible monetization of the podcast

The other hours of the internship will be used by collaborating with the founder of the association for the business development and structuring the production part of the association's creative content, which is completely new.

The internship is unpaid but there is the possibility of a bonus at the end of the internship and to continue with a paid collaboration if the conditions are met.


  • Excellent written and oral knowledge of the English language.
  • Italian (optional)
  • Danish (optional)
  • Good knowledge of Mac computer packages, familiarity with the use of new computer software (Skype, garage band, protools) or flexibility in learning them in relation to the internship tasks.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated, creative person, with an interest in entertainment (film and music) but who at the same time has a natural instinct for business and the structuring of sustainable financial projects around creative products.

A proactive spirit, the will to grow, to learn and a tendency towards autonomy are highly valued.

We strongly believe in the potential of young and enthusiastic people and we are keen to start potentially lasting partnerships.

Time: There is the possibility of a full-time Internship or a collaboration calibrated on the intern’s time availability.

Place: Incubatoren in Nansensgade 19

To apply:

Please send your CV with photo (indicate the current average of the grades and marks of any bachelors or degrees,) together with a short motivation letter (no longer than one page) to:

  • ---

Ragnarock organization operates mainly in three areas: creative events, international trade, and entertainment (under development). The common thread in these three areas is the creation, realization and production of completely new contents / events.

As for creative events, in addition to its own projects such as the Ragnarock Nordic Festival (festival dedicated to Nordic electronic rock music), the association has conceived and organized major events in Italy with LEGO, the European Parliament, many Italian municipalities, Nordic embassies in Italy, Nordic tourism organizations in Italy and numerous others. Ragnarock also conceived and organized the Aura children festival in Milan, a festival dedicated to spreading knowledge through storytelling.

Regarding economic exchange, Ragnarock works in collaboration with the DanishConfederation of Industries to create opportunities for economic exchange in Italy.

The entertainment area is the area currently under development. Ragnarock has developed collaborations with writers, directors, musicians, sound engineers, multimedia artists and numerous other highly talented artists. The goal is to create a structured organization capable of creating high-level creative content (films, music, multi-media, etc.) both on its own and on commission.